About Us

Jerry Stampfer – Owner

All my life I have loved books and maps but it wasn’t until I was made redundant in 2010 that I finally opened Jeremy’s Books.¬†

Initially I was buying and selling a wide variety of books but over time I have focused more and more on finding good quality maps to satisfy a market comprised mainly, but not exclusively, of collectors, railways enthusiasts and those with an interest in local and family history.

When I told my oldest friend: “I should have opened a book shop years ago” he replied: “Absolutely. When I think of you you are always surrounded by books”.

Although I sell more maps than books these days I satisfy my hunger for wonderful writing by reading a lot of great books.

A recent addition to Jeremy’s Books has been my reviews of Booker Prize-winning books and our partnership with Hive, who have such a wonderful business ethos.

You can find my reviews along with articles on maps and map-related subjects in “Blog & Book Reviews“.

Jackie Bennetts

Despite trying to hide the fact by using her maiden name in her professional capacity, Jackie and I are married.

Fortunately for me, Jackie is an accountant and I need look no further for someone to sort out the finances and file my tax returns.

Jackie also does “quality control” on large batches of maps that we get in, helps me with the post on busy days, files listed maps, sorts unlisted maps and generally keeps me in order (when she is not busy with her day job).