I Know Which Map I Want

Use the contact form below to tell us which map you want.
If you can, please be specific and say what year/revision and/or cover you want.
For older maps, tell us whether you want it on cloth or paper (or dissected).

Which Map Do I Need

Complete the Contact Form and tell us what town/village or area you want covered, a date (range) preferred scale and what features you are looking for, EG: disused railways, buildings, footpaths etc.
It would also be helpful to know what purpose you want the map for, EG: local history, railway research, public footpaths issue.

I Want To Sell My Maps or Books

I’m afraid we are no longer buying books or maps. There now seem to be more people trying to sell collections than there are people buying maps.

My suggestion would be that you either have a little fun with them on eBay or take them to a general auction. I believe they are still selling in bulk lots at auction.

I Have a Question About Maps or Books

We are always happy to answer questions about maps if we can. If you want a valuation I can try to help or I can probably point you at someone more qualified if it is beyond my experience.

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Please note that whilst we are always happy to see customers in person visits are by prior arrangement only.