Map Resources and Links

Which OS Map Do I Need?

The Charles Close Society (CCS) is dedicated to the study of Ordnance Survey maps and a great deal of useful information is available on their website.

One of their most useful resources is their “sheetfinder” by which you can find OS maps that cover the area you need. Just type in the town, village or location name you want a map for and it will return a list of maps of various scales and ages. Furthermore, many of the maps listed have a link to an online example at the National Library of Scotland. The NLS also has a more extensive map finder but it is quite complex to use and unless you know what sort of map you want, or want a non-OS map I recommend the CCS sheetfinder.


Where Can I Buy New OS Maps?

We don’t sell new maps but fortunately our friends at Wordery do so if you are looking for a new OS map this is the link for you: OS maps at Wordery. (And just so you know, we get a small commission if you use our link to buy).

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