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Which OS Map Do I Need?

Have a look at our Guide to OS Maps, which we are up-dating and adding to regularly.

We will also be adding articles to our Blog and you might find some useful information there.

The Charles Close Society (CCS) is dedicated to the study of Ordnance Survey maps and a great deal of useful information is available on their website.

One of their most useful resources is their “sheetfinder” by which you can find OS maps that cover the area you need. Just type in the town, village or location name you want a map for and it will return a list of maps of various scales and ages. Furthermore, many of the maps listed have a link to an online example at the National Library of Scotland. The NLS also has a more extensive map finder but it is quite complex to use and unless you know what sort of map you want, or want a non-OS map I recommend the CCS sheetfinder.

Where Can I Buy New Maps?

We don’t sell new OS maps but fortunately our friends at Hive do so if you are looking for a new OS map this is the link for you: OS maps at Hive

Stanford’s are one of the world’s largest stockists of maps of all sorts and they also have an amazing range of travel books and tour guides. As well as the full range of Ordnance Survey Maps, Stanford’s stock a vast collection of special interest maps, including Geological, Astronomical, Food and Wine, Archaeology and other Maps. Use this link to visit Stanford’s: Maps at Stanford’s.

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Other Useful Map-related Links

Ed Fielden is a collector and an authority on Ordnance Survey maps and his website has a wealth of information. Find his website at:

Lez Watson has written many articles for the Charles Close Society and has conducted a vast amount of research, especially on Ordnance Survey Outdoor Leisure Maps, but also on other series:

Sabre roads is an organisation for those interested in (obsessed by?) British and Irish roads. They do a great deal of work in getting the country mapped online. Their site has some fantastic resources as well as links to other road-oriented websites:

The Geograph® Britain and Ireland project aims to collect geographically representative photographs and information for every square kilometre of Great Britain and Ireland; articles at show examples on OS maps of symbols, abbreviations, descriptive words and now typefaces. This really is an amazing site – search there for your town/village/street and you’ll be astonished at what you find.

"The Peculiar History of the Ordnance Survey" by Bethan Bell BBC News

A really interesting article from the BBC detailing “some of the more peculiar elements in the past of the famous map-makers”. This covers some of the activities of the OS during wartime and other aspects of surveying and map-making in the UK and Ireland and some of the more quirky facts from Ordnance Survey history.

Not vey long and well-worth a read, you can find it here.

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